SIR branch size and growth analysis

Here is a representation of SIR membership at the end of 2012.

All active branches are included in this “tree map”. Each SIR branch occupies a rectangular area and the area of the rectangle is proportional to the branch size.

At the top left corner of each rectangle there are three numbers (in order):

Branch number,
Branch membership,
percentage Change in Branch membership (2012/2011)

Note: a few of the smallest areas (bottom right) are too small to include a third line of data and in a few cases line two may also be missing.

The 2012 growth (over 2011) is also color coded: red is a membership decrease, blue is a positive change, the darker the color the bigger the change (either positive or negative)

Branch size growth by color from zero

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The following image is “live” from the Tableau website where it is stored. The difference from the screenshot above is that when you point to a rectangle you will see a tool-tip with some relevant information.