BEC Agenda



February 14, 2011

Call to order at 9:00 am   

   Recognize Visitors/Guests

Secretary’s Report:  (Erland Persson)  
   Approval of January Minutes

Big Sir’s Report (Derek Southern)
   Branch Operations Schedule for February
   Feedback and Actions re luncheon
   Senior Sir Certificates (90+)
   Nominating committee progress
   Audit progress     

Little Sir Report: (Gary Plisco)
   Speaker information

Treasurer’s Report (Leo Barrella)
   Approval of January Report         

Attendance Secretary’s Report (Bill Peterson) 
   Attendance and Delinquencies Report 
   Summary of comments made by membership re month 1 at Hilton, and resultant changes

Membership Secretary’s Report (Bill Barnard)
   February  Membership
   Review of Branch 8 membership goals and statistics: Form 27
   At about 10:00 am: Induction of New Members

Committee Reports
   Activity Chairman Report(s) (Mike Long):
   Travel Chairman Report (Bob Hagler)
   Membership Relations Committee (Ed Benson MRC) report                       

Unfinished Business (from previous BEC meeting minutes):

๏ Big Sir Southern announced Treasurer Barrella will set up a “postage due” account at the Post Office – to cover the cost of mailings returned as “undeliverable”.  Completed

๏ Director Benson recommended getting a Branch 8 P.O. box for this purpose to avoid possible difficulties at the Hilton with paying fees for returned mail. Treasurer Barrella said he would check on getting a P.O. box. Ongoing

๏ Big Sir Southern brought up the possibility of trying a buffet at the 2/14/2011 luncheon as a comparison to plated service at the tables. A number of possible problems were mentioned, such as collection of meal tickets, vegetarian meals, handicap mobility, etc. To be considered later

๏ Big Sir Southern asked the BEC to meet after today’s meeting to obtain quick feedback regarding today’s luncheon at the Hilton. We could also use the “Hotline” as well as the Branch 8 web-site for getting this type of feedback. Completed: with Ongoing feedback published online

๏ Big Sir Southern asked for feedback on the idea of appointing a “Sir Joker” or “Court Jester” to entertain during the luncheons. He will solicit getting someone to head up such an activity or possibly a committee.  2 volunteers interested – ongoing

๏ Big Sir Southern asked whether the BEC Agenda and Minutes should be published in the “Hotline”. The consensus was it would be a good idea. Completed

๏ Big Sir Southern suggested establishing Recruitment and Publicity Committees. Director Benson said they might be coordinated into a single responsibility. Big Sir Southern said he would consider the possibilities. Completed

๏ Director Benson stated a curbside SIR sign in front of the Hilton Hotel would be appropriate and suggested that someone should take care of it. Big Sir Southern will appoint someone to be responsible for that. Sir Jim Sowell has offered to research prices and designs.

๏ Little Sir Plisco asked if the Branch could reward our luncheon speakers with something more valuable than merely a certificate of appreciation. For example: monetary gift certificate, desk set, bottle of wine, gift box of goodies (cookies, candy or fruit), etc. Area Governor Smith said it could be done under the current SIR Manual rules. Little Sir Plisco will investigate and report at a future BEC meeting. Ongoing

Any New Business:                  


Next meeting date is March 14, 2011.        

Wrap up and adjourn: