Chairman: Jerry White
jdwhite8062@yahoo.com 944-9068

It's St Patrick’s Day this month. Do you feel lucky? It’s still not too late to add Pool to your list of activities.  How about joining us for a game or two?

Did you ever play pool in your younger years?  Have you ever thought about playing again but didn't want to go to the pool hall by yourself?  Just like Golf you only become good at putting the ball in the pocket if you practice.  It improves eye and hand coordination. It might even improve your game of Golf.

Because you're a SIR’s member you have the opportunity to get together to play some pool (just for the fun of it).  We play for approximately 2 hours. We meet and start at 11:30 on the first and third Mondays of each month at Masses, 2721 North Main Street, Walnut Creek. The cost is $5.00 for as long as you want to play. This is a special rate that Masses gives the SIR’s members. You can also play during the day, at other times, for the same $5.00 fee.  Just tell them you're a member of SIR’s.  We play mostly two man teams of eight ball, or a unique three-player game, called “Crazy Eights”, depending on the number of participants.

There are plenty of tables, so come on down and join other pool players from Branch 8 and other branches in the area.  If you have not played for awhile, don't be bashful.  Come on down and join us and get some practice.  We welcome new pool playing and potential pool playing members.

Jerry White   (jdwhite8062@yahoo.com)   944-9068

2/21/2011  Edited by Derek Southern